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New Feature: On Demand PDF and Event Archives

Posted on Aug 20, 2012

One of the newest set of features that StatBroadcast has expanded on and introduced this year is its new On-Demand PDF and Event Archiving system.

The On-Demand PDF system allows media and staff members to generate full game books (or individual report pages) of stats for saving or printing in PDF format at any point in time from a StatMonitr stats feed. Formatted to look exactly like the reports that come out of the stats software, this new tool will help take one more thing off the plates of SIDs and media relations staff during busy game days. Previously available only for Basketball box scores, it is now supported for full game books for all available sports.

Tying into this new feature also is the new Event Archive system. Once an event has finished and the stat crew has confirmed the accuracy of the final stats, StatBroadcast partners can, with the click of a button, create an archive of that event, which immediately generates and permanently stores the final stats in HTML, PDF and XML format on our Content Data Network in the cloud. It also presents the stats in the archived final stats view for both media and fans, and organizes the event into a searchable archive. Media, fans and staff have a full archive of all their events, in a variety of formats, available at their fingertips from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Try out the On-Demand PDF feature by following the link and clicking the PDF/Print icon on the bottom tool bar:

View an example of the new Event Archive and archive views: