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Enhanced Event Announcements

Posted on Jul 17, 2013

StatBroadcast has been hard at work this summer improving its Event Announcement system for its StatBroadcast Web and StatMonitr platforms. Users of StatBroadcast’s platforms are probably familiar with the event announcement system, which featured announcements that could be posted to the top of the media stats or live stats display. We’ve now enhanced this system to give you greater control, allowing for multiple announcements, different announcement audiences and reordering of announcements.

StatBroadcast now supports multiple announcements for an event. Using our new Event Announcement Timeline control, university staff can now setup more than one announcement for an event. The announcements still display in a bar across the top of the stats, and will cycle through on the screen approximately every 10 seconds.

Using the web-based control panel, staff can also drag-and-drop to control what order these announcements will display in and define an audience, determining whether to display the announcement for media only, media and fans (if you use our live stats), or to hide it for use at a later time.

This Twitter-like Announcement Timeline enhancement will allow schools to provide real-time updates to their users with information that may not be normally contained within the stats that are transmitted through StatCrew software.

To see this feature in action, check out our Football Demo at