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ShotChartr Improvements

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

This summer, we've added new features to our ShotChartr app, our popular online tool for tracking shots and generating shot charts for basketball, which are immediately available now on the app and for the upcoming 2015-16 season:

Shot Editor

The ShotChartr app now allows you to edit a shot you have already created/placed. In previous versions, a shot had to be completely deleted and added again in order to modify it. Now, using either the edit button in the corresponding row in the Shot Table or the 'Edit on Chart' function, you can select an already placed shot and change all of its properties, including selecting a new location for it on the court.

Dunk Tracking

For schools/teams that track dunks separately from layups, you can now toggle the option to track and display/print the two statistics separately on your shot charts. When enabled, dunks will appear in a separate section below layups; the feature can also be toggled on and off back at any time for a specific chart.

Custom Court Image on Printouts

While schools/teams already have the ability to use a custom image of the court floor within the StatBroadcast and StatMonitr live stats views, users can now also add a URL to a chart that points to a JPG image to use for the floor when generating a PDF for printing. A link to the blank floor image in the proper dimensions is provided within the ShotChartr app so that teams can design their own graphic. Please note, the graphic must be in JPG format, the court lines must correspond to the lines on the original template (in order for the shots to display in the proper location) and the JPG must be hosted on an internet web server that can be accessed using HTTP via a URL.