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Countdown to Kickoff 2011: New Drive Chart and Views

Posted on Aug 23, 2011

As we get ready for the college football kickoff in just about a week, StatBroadcast is highlight some of the new features it has added to its football live stats for media and fans this year.

As with previous versions, the interface still includes a side-by-side comparison of drive charts for each team with scoring drives highlighted. And still available are last year’s additions which provide the number of three-and-out drives and average starting field position for each team.

Added to this year’s interface is a visual drive chart for each team. The display not only visually shows how the team has progressed down the field, but also highlights drives that resulted in red zone scoring attempts, and highlights which drives ended in either a turnover or score.

Fans will also get to see a visual representation of the current drive as it occurs in the StatBroadcast Live interface. A view of the football field displays where the drive started, the line of scrimmage, the current length of the drive on the field and the spot of the first down marker.

Finally, we’ve added a chronological drive chart, which shows the combined drives for both teams in the order they occurred in the game. You can now track exactly how the flow of possession and field position has changed from drive to drive from one combined table.